The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll – Book Notes

Written: December 18, 2020
Reading Time: 11 mins

Each time I re-read The Bullet Journal Method, I come away with something new that resonates with me.

This book has inspired a pen and paper revolution among those of us that were previously slaves to our digital devices.

I now have a bullet journal that accompanies me everywhere and is part of my productivity/task management/mental health toolkits.

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The Book In 3 Ideas

  1. Self-reflection and introspection are important so that you can learn from your experiences and improve. Regular reflection of your life and work is important to ensure a healthy productive life.
  2. Writing things down and getting them out of your mind allows you to think more clearly.
  3. Writing by hand allows you to slow down and carefully consider what you’re writing. This allows you to write in your own words and makes remembering what you write down more effective.

What Is Bullet Journaling?

Benefits Of Bullet Journaling

How To Think About Note Taking

Your mind is for having ideas not for holding them - David Allen

Practice Doing A Mental Inventory Dump When You’re Overwhelmed With Thoughts + Ideas

Why Pen And Paper Is More Effective Than Digital Note Taking

The Bullet Journal System

Rapid Logging


Task Bullets

Event Bullets


“This freedom of choice is a double-edged privilege. Every decision requires you to focus, and focus is an investment of your time and energy. Both are limited—and therefore exceptionally valuable—resources.” (37)


Daily Log

Monthly Log

Future Log




The Bullet Journal Practice


AM Reflection

PM Reflection









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