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I write here on my website, publish a weekly newsletter, build websites, and work on fun projects. I also wrote a book about design and productivity.

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The Desire To Document And Collect

08 Mar 23

What's the Deal with Road Signs Anyway?

01 Mar 23

Behind the Scenes of Like a Dragon!

27 Feb 23

The Use Of Color In Better Call Saul

22 Feb 23

When Eliminating Distractions Is A Bad Thing

15 Feb 23


Gaming Backlog Tracker

This project is a list of the games in my PlayStation backlog. I recently subscribed to the new Playstation Plus...

Obsidian Code Snippets Repo

A GitHub repo of Obsidian code snippets that I use in my Obsidian vault. I use Obsidian as my PKM...

Digital Garden Of Notes

My own public digital garden of notes, thoughts, and ideas. I am fascinated by the concept of public digital gardens...

Video Game Trackers

Templates for tracking your video game collection (physical + digital). Manage your video game collection for FREE with these tracker...


I created this website as a result of a pain point I had at work. We needed to verify form...

Design Insight Tools + Resources

This is a collection of the tools + resources I include in Design Insight each week. I’ve gathered together every...


Book Notes

Design Insight

A newsletter about creativity and design. Each week I share insights from what I've been watching, reading, or listening to. Released every Friday at 5 pm GMT.

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