Starter Link Page Templates

A selection of three different starter link page templates.

Link pages are incredibly useful to link to from your social media accounts so people can easily find your most important links.

I initially created these templates to practice my web dev skills and over time found them to be a really handy starting point for making new sites.

Over time I realized others may find these templates useful so I decided to package together my favorite three examples and sell them here!

What you get when you purchase this is:

Here’s the readme to give you a better idea of how each template works:

Low code approach

To edit the links on the page, open public > index.html in a code editor (Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text for example.)

Update the links to your own websites and save.

The public directory is where the fully-built website lives.

If you want to quickly deploy the website on Netlify, simply drag and drop that directory into a new site.

Med/High code approach

Follow this approach if you want to tweak the styling or structure of the page.

Install dependencies npm install

Run the project npm run dev

Build the project for prod npm run prod

Then you can deploy using the same method as above or using your own deployment process.

I hope you find these templates useful. If you have any feedback for me you can reach me here:

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