Design Insight Tools + Resources

This is a collection of the tools + resources I include in Design Insight each week.

I’ve gathered together every single thing I’ve mentioned across all editions and created a Notion Database to store everything.

This makes access to these tools and resources much more convenient.

Once you purchase this digital product, you’ll get sent a link to access these notes in Notion.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a Notion account to access these notes, just a web browser, so it’s easy to jump right into the content.

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Design Insight is a weekly newsletter for creatives with a focus on design.

Learn to think like a designer in less than 5 mins a week with curated articles, resources, tools, and insights.

It’s released every Friday at 5 pm GMT.

In each edition, you’ll get:

3 Articles 2️ Tools or Resources 1 Design Tip

If you want to learn more and read previous editions of the newsletter you can check them out here: Design Insight Newsletter.

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