May 23, 2022

Are You Following Your Life Signals? Here's A Framework To Help You

Reading Time: 1 mins

So many great opportunities will pass you by if you don’t look out for them.

If Tiago Forte didn’t listen to the signals in his life, he never would have created the Building A Second Brain course. This course consistently generates millions of dollars per cohort.

But what are signals? And how do you know which ones to follow?

What are signals? Signals are little recurring themes that keep cropping up when you’re at work, socializing with friends, or walking the dog.

It might be something simple like a good podcast recommendation you hear from 5 people in one day. It might also be something telling you to change jobs. These signals, if you focus on them, are pointing you in the direction of something.

You choose whether you pay attention to them or not. But how do you know what signals are worth listening to?

Use the SIFT framework to find signals worth following

I first heard about the SIFT framework as a way to receive feedback at work.

However, I also believe you can use it as a lens to view these life signals through to examine if they’re worth following. I’ve used it personally to make some big decisions at my day job and found it worked really well.

Follow this framework the next time you notice a signal in your life and see where it takes you.