How I Consume Content To Build A Massively Helpful Vault Of Knowledge

Written: May 16, 2022
Reading Time: 1 mins

Over the last year, I’ve developed a system for how I consume different types of content.

This system has allowed me to build a vault of knowledge I can repurpose into articles, newsletters, tweets, and digital products.

Here’s my system:

Consuming Articles

  1. I clip articles using the Save to Notion extension. This organizes articles into a Library Notion DB with helpful metadata like the name, source URL, status, and content type.
  2. I read the article directly in Notion, make highlights, and take rough notes.
  3. I further refine my notes into Obsidian literature notes.
  4. Finally, I process these literature notes into evergreen notes. These are atomic notes I can draw from when writing.

Consuming Books

  1. I read books on my phone using the Google Play Books app. As I make highlights and notes, these are saved to a Google Doc.
  2. When I finish reading, I create a new entry in my Library Notion DB. I review the notes and highlights from the Google Doc and make my own notes.
  3. As with articles, I further refine these notes into Obsidian literature notes, then process them into evergreen notes.

Consuming Podcasts

  1. I listen to podcasts using the Snipd app. This allows me to highlight interesting moments as I listen. This has been a game-changer.
  2. I export these snips into my Library Notion DB and make my own notes.
  3. Next, you guessed it, I refine these notes into Obsidian literature notes, then evergreen notes.

Consuming Videos

  1. I watch videos on YouTube and take notes in my Library Notion DB.
  2. I refine these notes into Obsidian literature notes, then evergreen notes.

The multiple iterations of note-taking and note-refining results in better notes that I’m more inclined to remember.

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