March 30, 2022

Create An Inspiration Repository To Generate Unique Ideas

Reading Time: 1 mins

As a designer, it’s hard to constantly generate new ideas.

There can be pressure to create a unique design that looks stunning every time. Your current work is always compared to your previous work. Unfortunately, this can negatively impact your creativity. You’re likely to reserve your best ideas for only a few projects.

If you’re in that boat, here’s something you should know:

There are no new ideas. Everything has been done before.

Understand this and you’ll be able to concentrate on building great designs. You’ll be free from the burden of producing something new.

While there are no new ideas, it is possible to create unique combinations of ideas.

This is where you as a designer come in. It’s your job to take inspiration from everything around you and combine it with your own style to create something unique. To capture this inspiration you need to create an inspiration repository.

This will be your vault of great designs that you can draw upon when needed.

You should include things like:

Review your inspiration repository often. Add things and remove things as your tastes develop. Once you have developed your repository, you won’t be stuck for inspiration the next time you’re working on a design.

Tools for creating your inspiration repository: Figma, Notion, Pinterest, Behance