July 24, 2020

Can You Learn SEO Without Learning To Code?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a popular buzzword many people hear online but it can be difficult to understand what it means. It’s easy to get a sense of the tremendous benefits of SEO which makes us want to try our hands at it. With that said, you might be wondering: can you learn SEO without learning to code?

I set about learning the answer to this question to write this article and the answer surprised me.

It is possible to learn SEO without learning to code. There are many places you can incorporate SEO without the need to code a website. Some examples include social media, YouTube, podcasting, and local business listings.

Now that we have answered the question about learning SEO without learning to code, we can look at the different ways in which you can learn SEO.

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Is SEO Worth Learning?

This is a common question many people have when they are about to get started in the world of Search Engine Optimization. We want to know if it’s worth learning before we think about committing time to it.

The simple answer is, yes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is worth learning. So many people use services like Google every day and by being able to leverage your knowledge of SEO you can attract a large audience to your website.

I’m sure you’ll want to know more before you believe the answer above so let’s discuss it in more detail.

Simply put, SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies out there for promoting your business or service.

Here’s why SEO is worth learning:

Can You Learn SEO By Yourself?

Now that we’ve established that SEO is certainly something worth learning, you might be wondering if you can learn SEO by yourself.

Do you need to hire someone to teach you SEO or enroll in a college course to master the ins and outs of SEO?

There are so many online resources available today that it is possible to learn SEO by yourself. From podcasts to YouTube videos to online courses, it’s easy to learn SEO without hiring an SEO expert to help you.

Hopefully, you’re relieved to hear that answer. Let’s continue with this topic by stepping through how you can start learning SEO by yourself.

Steps To Start Learning SEO By Yourself

  1. Firstly, think about why you want to learn SEO. What are your goals for learning SEO? By having a defined goal or reason for learning SEO, you will be much more committed to the process and enjoy learning.

  2. Next, read The Beginner’s Guide To SEO from Moz - Click Here To Read The Guide. This is by far the best place to get started on your SEO journey. Once you’ve finished reading the guide, be sure to bookmark it to use as a reference when you need it.

  3. Once you’ve got the theory down, the next best thing to do is start practicing. You can start practicing SEO easily by setting up your own blog or website & writing articles. There are many free or paid options for setting up a blog today so it’s easy to get started implementing your SEO knowledge.

  4. Next, read The Beginner’s Guide To SEO, again. Seriously. With your blog or website up and running you’ll be putting all of your theory into practice. By reading the guide again, this will solidify a lot of the knowledge in your mind.

  5. Next, consider taking some online SEO courses - these can be free or paid. As you become more familiar with the world of SEO, taking an online course is the best way to level up your knowledge. There are so many SEO courses to choose from online that offer a wealth of information so it’s hard to go wrong. You can read my recommendations for online SEO courses in the last section of this article.

  6. Next, become more immersed in the world of SEO by reading books and listening to podcasts about SEO. There’s no shortage of books, YouTube channels, and Podcasts about SEO if you look online. Check out the last section of this article for my best recommendations for SEO books, podcasts, YouTube channels and online courses.

  7. Repeat. Continue to learn and practice SEO and you’ll quickly become a master.

How Can I Learn SEO Without A Website?

An interesting question I saw asked by someone online completely new to SEO was: how can I learn SEO without a website?

This is a great question as your first thought might be, well SEO has to require a website right?

You can learn SEO without a website via online training, social media, YouTube, podcasts, and business listings.

Let’s look at each of these points in more detail below.

1 Online Courses & Training

Learning the theory of SEO is a great way to start learning SEO without a website.

By immersing yourself in the world of SEO through training courses, you’ll be able to get up to speed on the basics and learn the common terminology.

There are many choices online for courses and training that it can be hard to pick. Continue to the last section of this article where I highlight for you my recommended free training courses.

2 Social Media

Social media is an often overlooked way to learn SEO. Setting up an account on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook is free and easy to do.

It gives you a platform to communicate to your audience and practice SEO without the need for a traditional website.

Some small start-up businesses can often choose social media over a website to great success depending on how it is leveraged.

Spend some time looking into the different social media platforms to see which ones would be of interest to you. Then create an account on that platform and start creating content that leverages your SEO knowledge.

3 YouTube Channel

YouTube is definitely a neglected way of learning SEO.

YouTube videos are made up of components that require great SEO to have them rank highly in results pages. From the title of the video to the image thumbnail to the description to the content in the video itself.

Starting a YouTube channel is free to do and requires minimal equipment to get started. This might be a preferred approach for many people who prefer talking to typing.

4 Podcast

Podcasts are exploding in popularity right now. Everybody is starting one it seems, and for good reason.

People love listening to podcasts about their favorite things from food, to pop culture, to history.

With that in mind, this is another medium through which you can learn SEO without the need for a website.

Setting up a podcast is super simple if you go through a free service like Anchor.fm. They will host your podcast episodes and distribute them to the other podcast platforms.

All you have to do is record the content and apply your knowledge of SEO to the title, description, and the image thumbnail.

5 Google Business Listings

Sometimes all a business needs to drive traffic is a Google Business Listing. If you work for a business or a company without a website you can offer to use your SEO knowledge to optimize their business listing page.

This way you’ll be developing your knowledge while looking great in the eyes of your employer!

Learn how to get started with this service by clicking this link.

How To Learn SEO At Home

You might be wondering by now if it’s possible to learn SEO at home.

The answer is, you can easily learn SEO at home via books, podcasts, online courses, and by setting up your own blog.

The following is my list of recommended SEO material:

1 SEO Books

2 SEO Podcasts

3 SEO Free Courses

4 Set Up A Blog

The best way to cement your knowledge on a topic is by practicing. As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, there is no shortage of ways to practice SEO, even for free.

The following list contains recommended ways to set up a blog:


We were able to cover a lot of useful information in this article so let’s summarize before we finish:

I hope you found some value in this article. If you did, please consider sharing it on social media to help others find it.