Social Media Schedule Printable

I created a free printable to manage how you schedule your Tweets.

As you schedule your Tweets you can check them off to easily keep track of where you are.

I created this to solve a problem I had: keeping track of the best times to schedule Tweets and remembering if I’d scheduled them or not.

I don’t currently pay for a tool to manage my Tweet scheduling so I wanted a free way to manage this for myself that wouldn’t take up lots of time.

I created the printable in Figma, printed it out, and am now using it to schedule my Tweets!

I fill in the time-slots on the left column and check off my Tweets as they’re scheduled.

I think this will be useful for others in the same position as me which is why I want to share it with you here.

I hope it saves you time and makes scheduling your Tweets more fun!

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