May 01, 2020

6 Benefits Of Using Social Media As A Business

Reading Time: 5 mins

There are numerous benefits to using social media for your business. Everything from promoting a new product or service you are offering to generating new business, social media can be used in a variety of ways to great effect.

In this post, I discuss just some of the numerous benefits of using social media as a business.

1 Using social media is now the norm for most businesses

Let’s face it, the world is now online. Whether we want to escape it or not, it cannot be denied the influence social media can have on people’s opinions and buying habits.

Millions of people today own smart devices and can use them on a daily basis to carry out a variety of tasks from paying bills to shopping to chatting with friends.

Compared to now “older” mediums of advertising i.e. Newspaper, Radio and even Television, social media can generate exponentially more interest if managed in the right way.

What’s more, the cost of creating and managing social media accounts is pretty small in terms of time and resources when compared to the cost of running a TV ad for instance.

The fact that dedicated roles such as Social Media Managers exist in companies today just shows the importance social media marketing plays in building and maintaining a business.

2 Employing social media generates awareness for your business

Being able to reach a wider audience with your social media channels enables you to promote your product or service to greater effect.

The more people you can reach and the more engagement you can create with your message, the greater the impact this will have on your business.

If a person is looking for a local hairdresser for instance, chances are they will look to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find one worth going to.

If that person happens across your business page on Facebook for example, which has great detail and lots of positive reviews and comments, chances are you will be their business of choice.

More likely than not, if you have no online presence or social media channels that are rarely updated, then people will think you don’t exist or have gone out of business. No one wants that scenario!

3 Social media provides insight into your business

More likely than not, a customer will choose a product or service that they know and trust.

Being able to harness the power of social media can allow you to reach out to your target audience and show them that your business has integrity and that they can trust you to provide a great product or service.

This is also beneficial to new customers or new employees who might want to know more about how your business operates day to day; something that they otherwise would likely have no idea about.

4 A social media strategy is relatively easy to set up and manage

You might think that you need to hire a social media specialist to create and manage your social media profiles and generate content for you, but you don’t need to if that doesn’t work for you.

By learning just a few basic things and learning how to work with a small handful of tools, you can set up your own social media strategy and manage your social media by yourself.

If you are willing to invest some time to learn the ropes, and some time each week to manage your content, you could be a social media guru in no time.

5 Effective social media can attract new business or new employees

This is a really important point in my mind for businesses looking to grow. As we’ve discussed previously, vast amounts of people interact with social media on a daily basis.

So, it’s no surprise that social media might influence a person’s decision to choose a business or product.

This can also be the case with a potential new employee which is something you might not initially think about.

A potential employee will scour your website and all of your social media channels to see if you are a good place to work, in terms of what your business involves and what the work environment is like for example.

This in turn attracts talented individuals to your business which will help you to grow even further.

6 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website will improve

SEO is something you hear pretty often in the world of social media and website management.

A bonus benefit of employing the use of social media is the improvement this will have on the SEO ranking of your website i.e. how close to the top of a Google search your website appears.

For instance, if you are promoting a new product or service via your social media channels, including a link to the associated product page will send viewer to your website.

This in turn drives the traffic from your social media channels to your website.

Most website SEO optimizer tools will advocate the strong employment of social media marketing in order to boost SEO ratings, so this is something worth considering as an added bonus for your business on a regular basis.


That just about covers it for the benefits of social media as a business, though of course there are many more out there.

Hopefully you found this post enlightening and you have been convinced to start adopting social media in the promotion of your business.

Stay tuned for more in this series of posts if you enjoyed this one and feel free to let me know if you have any comments or questions.